Thursday, 9 January 2014

Missha Liquidly Facial Cleanser One-Step Milk to Peeling Review

I picked up Missha's Liquidly Facial Cleanser as I wanted an all-in-one cleanser that will help remove my make up, clean and 'peel' my face at the same time. Yes, I am lazy sometimes :)

This version of Liquidly Facial Cleanser is the One-Step Milk to Peeling.
There is also an Oil to Foam version out there.

It is a milky cream formula that turns into a peeling gel when rubbed/ massaged into the skin thoroughly.

One pump from the bottle

The product has a light scent that is like lavender.

The texture is very light and creamy. It feels like smearing cold cream on your face. Very soothing.

One pump from the bottle is enough for the entire face and neck.

For a big 200ml bottle like this, it will last me about 4-5 months with once a day use everyday.

Here I will demonstrate it's magical peeling power.

From left: Revlon High Dimension Eyeliner in 04 Sapphire Flash, Victoria Secret Beauty Rush wet/dry Eyeshadow in Espresso Lane, Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick in 08 Geranium Shimmer and Skin79 Pink Super BB Cream

I have swatched on my hand my everyday make up and left to dry and sink into my skin. Eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, bb cream.

One pump of the cleanser here.

It is probably too much for my hand. Half a pump or 1/4 pump should have been enough.

Within the first 20-30 seconds the make up disappears into the cleanser.

After 2 minutes, the 'peel' bits appear! Magical!

They look like this. Yucky...

Trapped bits of make up and dead skin in the gel bits.

End result - smooth hand that is free of make up and dead skin.
You really do feel the smoothness of your skin after using this product.

One thing I would point out is that once your hands or face is wet, it dosn't 'peel', but it will still remove make up effectively. So you've got to use this product on dry skin.

The 'peeling' process provides exfoliation that is light enough to be used everyday.
It hasn't given me irritated or dry skin with everyday use.

I highly recommend this product if you find other scrubs too harsh on your skin or if you have sensitive skin.

Overall this is a one-step product that is effective. Me likey, so two thumbs up from me!

Repurchase? Yes! I would also be keen on the oil-to-foam cleanser in future.

By Ai

*This was purchase on the New Zealand Missha website (not affiliated with this seller). I found the picture of the bottle of this product is different from mine. Must be a new version of it then, hopefully the formula stayed the same. Otherwise new stock = better!

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