Thursday, 6 February 2014

Missha Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum review

Introducing the Missha Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum...

I have been using this whitening / brightening serum for the past couple of months as part of my summer skincare regime.

It comes in a 40ml glass pump bottle.

I love the pump dispenser as it keeps the product clean and hygienic, no need to dip fingers in any jars or pots.

It smells of very light flowers - after all, it does have 20% white flower extract.
It is very pleasant and doesn't bother me.

One pump to get a slightly larger than pea sized amount is enough to cover the whole face.

Spreading a bit, my hands feels quite cool

It doesn't look it but my hand is much smoother than before, same goes for the skin of my face after I do this :]

The texture is between a gel and cream, and very easy to spread.

After applying, it disappears quickly into the skin and leave a smooth canvas behind - quite similar to the feeling you get after applying a make up primer to your face.

It is very light, and it doesn't feel like I am wearing anything on my face.

I have been using it twice a day, after toning and before moisturizing day and night.

I do see a brightening 'glowy' effect on my face, but this is only after months of using it religiously, and combining with other whitening products like a whitening day cream and night cream.

No it hasn't miraculously made my freckles disappear, but it has faded my pimple / zits scars and lightened some freckles.

So yes, it does do what it claims to do. Hurray...

I will continue using this and once I run out of it I will probably move on to other brightening serums as I like to experiment with face care products haha....

Repurchase? Maybe, after I get bored trying out other whitening / brightening stuff.

 By Ai

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