Monday, 14 April 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Swatches

I am a big fan of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, so imagine the happy dance I did when Revlon rolled out the new Colorburst Matte and Lacquer Balms!

This post is just about the Matte Balms.

There are 10 *colors of rainbow* of them in this new range.

From Left to Right:
- 230 Complex
- 205 Elusive
- 225 Sultry
- 250 Standout
- 215 Shameless

From Left to Right:
- 220 Showy
- 240 Striking
- 210 Unapologetic
- 245 Audacious
- 235 Mischievous

I love the variety of colors in the range, from nudes to reds to pinks to daring purple!
You are bound to find one that suits you because they are so different from each other!

The packaging is the same as the Balm Stains.
Twist at the bottom to get more out.
I prefer lip balms that are of pencil style to have the twisty-mechanism-thing rather than me needing to sharpen them as I lose so much lip color every time I sharpen them lip gloss/balm pencils!

Oh and here are the swatches:

From Left to Right:
- 230 Complex
- 205 Elusive
- 225 Sultry
- 250 Standout
- 215 Shameless

From Left to Right:
- 220 Showy
- 240 Striking
- 210 Unapologetic
- 245 Audacious
- 235 Mischievous

 Pretty pigmented as well right?

The wear time is roughly the same as the Balm Stains. Depends how much you eat/drink the color will slowly fade away and it won't last a whole day.

Despite these balms being Matte, they didn't sink into the creases on my lip - must be because of their awesome balm formulation.
I also didn't need to wear a lip balm under these.

Best balm find so far this year.
Now that's a double score for Revlon as I also found the best lip glosses for this year from their spidey range.

By Ai

The Revlon Electric Chrome Spider-Man Collection Super Lustrous Lipgloss Swatches


I've been keeping an eye out for the new Revlon Spiderman Collection 2014 lately.
This collection boasts 6 gorgeous nail colours and 3 lip glosses.

The lip colours are so densely pigmented!!!
Look at them sparkle in the lip gloss tubes.

Also love the spider web design on the packaging.


And here are the swatches:

From Left to Right:
- Sparks Fly (orange-red coloured)
- Killer-Watt (reddish-purple)
- Electro-Shock (blue-green)

The glosses does not have a scent to it that I can smell.
It also isn't very sticky, which I like.

These are great to wear alone during the day or over lipsticks at night to amp-up the lip colour.

These are my best find for lip glosses so far this year...Such a must have for 2014!!!

By Ai

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask in Honey Review

My skin has been quite tired and dry lately, so I decided to use a sheet mask to give my face a little lift and glow.

Today I used Missha's Pure Source Sheet Mask in Honey.

These are quite cheap in Korea and Diana had hauled back a pile of these Pure Source Sheet Masks for me the last time she visited Korea.

The Honey version of this mask is to make skin moisturized and glow, perfect for tired skin like mine!

According to the directions, the mask is placed onto the face after washing and prepping skin with toner.
This is interesting as I usually just wash plus scrub my face before I use a mask, and I have never thought to put a toner on before a mask!

I followed the instructions and after 20 minutes-ish I took the mask off, patted in the leftover mask juice on my face and moisturized with a daily moisturizer.

This is how the mask looks:

*zzzzz* with eyes closed
*BAHHHH* with eyes open!

After the mask, my skin feels more moisturized.
I did not need to use much moisturizer after this.
Moreover, it leaves a non-sticky feeling on my face.

The smell of the mask is very sweet like honey, I love it and makes me want to eat it!

However, I have to say that there is not much excess liquid in the sachet of the mask, and in the mask itself after the 20 minutes on my face.
There is barely enough for me to cover my neck and decolletage area.

I also did not see any brightening effect yet.
However this is just with one use of the mask so I did not expect it to magically happen.

As you can see the mask shape it is long and oval sideways.
It did not fit my face very well, maybe its my small face, and there was a lot left hanging on the sides of my face.

Overall it is an affordable mask that is good for it's moisturizing properties, despite it's flaws.
This is perfect to bring along on holidays and overnight stays for a mini-pamper or to help with tired skin.

Repurchase? Yes, I also look forward to trying out the rest of the types of the mask in this range!

By Ai

Monday, 7 April 2014

My Chapter Hand Cream Collection

I am an obsessive hand cream hoarder.
Ask Diana, or Natalie. I have a drawer full of them in my room.

And today I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to my collection :)

The Chapter Hand Cream range.

I have them in:
Chapter 1 - Coconut & Monoi
Chapter 3 - Berry & Amaryllis
Chapter 4 - Lychee & Lotus
Chapter 5 - Peach & Orchid

These are made in Netherlands and they are probably one of the nicest smelling hand cream I own.

Chapter 1 - Coconut & Monoi smells a lot like coconut. This is Natalie's favorite out of the four.
I have no idea what Monoi is and had to google it.

This is probably the first time I have come across Monoi Oil. Now I have to go hunting for more products with this in it because it smells oh-so-good.

Chapter 3 - Berry & Amaryllis smells quite sweet.
Not really berry-like but still very pleasant.

I have never smelt amaryllis before but if I had to imagine a sweet smelling flower, this would be it.

Chapter 4 - Lychee & Lotus is Diana's favorite.

It also smells very sweet, very much like Chapter 3 - Berry & Amaryllis, but it has a different kind of sweet scent.

Chapter 5 - Peach & Orchid is the one for me. My favorite out of the bunch!

It is sweet smelling but not as sweet as Chapter 4 - Lychee & Lotus and Chapter 3 - Berry & Amaryllis.

On each of the tubes there is a short story that is related to the flavour/smell of each hand cream. That is so very cute and unique of this range.

Each hand cream comes in a squeeze tube with an easy open top.

The texture of the cream is quite thick.
This would be the amount I use for both hands.

The cream is easily spreadable...

... and absorbs quickly onto my hand.

The cream lasts for a long time and after an hour my hands are still well hydrated.
It also lasts on my hand after one hand wash.

One thing to note is the hand cream does sting on contact with broken skin, as I have found out the hard way with some broken eczema skin I had on my other hand. Ouch.

Overall, this range is of good quality and smells amazing. There is one scent for each individual.

Repurchase? Yup a definite must once I run out!

By Ai

A super belated RoseRoseShop Online Haul Review

Hello pretties!

Apologies for my long absence from blogging.
I have been so busy at work and all I have been doing in the little spare time I have is eat and sleep zzzzz....
The MIA Diana and Natalie have also been very busy lately so ho-hum.

Anyways, today I will be reviewing a not-so-recent haul from RoseRoseShop.

I have seen many good reviews online regarding their online shop (they started out on ebay), so I decided to give it a go.

They offer very low prices with their products compared to other online sites but do keep in mind you have to pay for shipping, which is calculated by weight. I.e. the more you order, the heavier the package, so the higher shipping fee you pay.
However, the shipping fee isn't very expensive and I worked it out that the more I order, the more I "save".

My package delivery details as below, with the standard delivery option (take about 7-21 business days delivery).
Ordered: 7 Feb 2014
Shipped: 12 Feb 2014
Received: 20 Feb 2014
They took 4-5 days to put my order together and the shipping time took 8 days-ish.
That is a total of 13 days/ nearly 2 week, the standard time I expect getting a parcel shipped from Korea to New Zealand.

Now to the actual haul:

*Dun Dun Dun* The Box itself....

This haul is actually a combo between Diana, Natalie and me.
Since we live under the same roof it is easy to do combo orders online as our shipping address is the same haha...

The box isn't very big although we did order a lot of items.
The items were packed closely and neatly inside so if you shake the box nothing moves *get the idea?*

The sample sachets were packed right on top of the box.
Most items were neatly bubble wrapped. Very happy with the packaging so far...

...except for the NATURE REPUBLIC Phyto Massage Cream as you can see.
This was placed right in the middle of all the other items.

But it would be better if they bubble wrapped that too as I have previously experience breakage of un-bubble wrapped products in mail...

What we got (clockwise from top-left):

- [SKIN79] BB Cream Mini Black Set 4pcs - Diamond, Pink, Gold, Pearl
- [SKIN79] The Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream SPF30 PA++
- [SKIN79] White Reviving Skin Radiance Solution - 30ml 
- [NATURE REPUBLIC] Phyto Massage Cream Mango - 150ml
- [SKIN79] Mini Lip Gloss Rose Pink 1.1g   
- [TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL] Pumpkin Sleeping Pack Samples - 10pcs 
- [YET] Bush Volume Mascara - 7g 
- [TONYMOLY] Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack Samples - 10pcs 
- [YET] Art Class Liquid Eyeliner NO.Brown
- Pack of samples

We were happily going through the haul when Natalie noticed her [YET] Mascarala Curling Mascara - 7g NO.Black she ordered was missing!
I am not sure how often RRS missed packing items in their order, but this was a bit disappointing as we were looking forward to it since we have never tried out the Y.E.T brand before.

We asked RRS to send us the missing item but they only gave us 2 options: refund or sending the item with our next order with them.
Since we weren't sure when we will place our next order with them, they gave us a refund.
This issue was sorted out quite quickly with their customer service but I would have preferred if they could send the missing item that they have missed out packing,

And next onto the items in our haul...

[SKIN79] BB Cream Mini Black Set 4pcs - Diamond, Pink, Gold, Pearl

We got 2 of these - 1 for Natalie and 1 for me!
I love mini products as it allows me to try it out before paying more for the full sized item.
If I don't like it, only a small amount is "wasted". If I like it then I know I am not throwing my money down the drain when I commit to the full sized item.

I already have the Super Hot Pink BB so this small sized tube will go straight into my handbag for those emergency-BBcream-required-moments *lol*

[SKIN79] The Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream SPF30 PA++

This is for Diana as the product description is most suited to her skin.

It is recommended for inelastic, dry skin.
The adenosine and caviar extract is for wrinkle reduction and skin nourishment.
Moreover,  it contains SPF30 PA++ which is the minimum SPF we should be wearing in NZ thanks to the extra UV exposure we get in this corner of the world.

*Diana will be digging into this product very soon so a review on this should be on its way*

[SKIN79] White Reviving Skin Radiance Solution - 30ml

I bought this because I am obsessed with anything that is whitening/brightening.

 [NATURE REPUBLIC] Phyto Massage Cream Mango - 150ml

This product I must have because it has mango in it!
This would be my first Nature Republic product and my first massage cream.
The instructions says to massage it onto the face and then wipe it off.

I have only used this once, and it didn't break me out after.
But I will use it a few more times before reviewing it so I can decide what to say about it.

 [SKIN79] Mini Lip Gloss Rose Pink 1.1g  

Reminded us of Anna Sui packaging plus looks very cute plus come with a mini mirror inside. 
Also very cheap, so we had to have it. One for each of us.

 [TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL] Pumpkin Sleeping Pack Samples - 10pcs

[TONYMOLY] Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack Samples - 10pcs

I love sleeping packs. But I use them only so rarely I doubt I will go through a whole tub before it dries out.
So imagine my excitement when I found these individually wrapped mini sachets!
Great to bring along traveling or over to a mates place for the weekend.

I found that each Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Packs, I could use it for up to 4 times. The TonyMoly ones lasted me 2 uses.
Plus I woke up with super smooth skin in the morning with both products, and no breakouts. Woohoo.

[YET] Bush Volume Mascara - 7g

The only Y.E.T mascara we got. Natalie should be using it shortly.

The size of it  is quite small, as expected from the weight.
Great to bring along in the handbag for touch-ups during the day.

[YET] Art Class Liquid Eyeliner NO.Brown

We got two of these but none of us has used them. So no comments on it as of yet, aside from the cute packaging.

Pack of 5 samples

Missha, TonyMoly and It's Skin samples

RoseRoseShop is currently doing a free sample event where they will give you a small pack of 5 random samples with your order. All you need to do is post in their forum.
I have not gone through these yet, but I love these small sachets as I can try out more different products from various brand.

Overall, we were very happy with our products and they were as described on RRS website.
We love RoseRoseShop for their super cheap competitive prices with reasonable shipping fee. Keeping in mind that the more your order the more you actually save as the shipping prices doesn't go up very much.

We were unlucky enough to have a missing item in our haul, but they did handle the situation well and quick enough.

One more thing to add is that the stock they have is quite new, according to the manufacturing dates on some of our products. So kudos on that.

Would we go back to shop for more in the future? Definitely, when it's time for our next big haul.

By Ai

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