Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask in Honey Review

My skin has been quite tired and dry lately, so I decided to use a sheet mask to give my face a little lift and glow.

Today I used Missha's Pure Source Sheet Mask in Honey.

These are quite cheap in Korea and Diana had hauled back a pile of these Pure Source Sheet Masks for me the last time she visited Korea.

The Honey version of this mask is to make skin moisturized and glow, perfect for tired skin like mine!

According to the directions, the mask is placed onto the face after washing and prepping skin with toner.
This is interesting as I usually just wash plus scrub my face before I use a mask, and I have never thought to put a toner on before a mask!

I followed the instructions and after 20 minutes-ish I took the mask off, patted in the leftover mask juice on my face and moisturized with a daily moisturizer.

This is how the mask looks:

*zzzzz* with eyes closed
*BAHHHH* with eyes open!

After the mask, my skin feels more moisturized.
I did not need to use much moisturizer after this.
Moreover, it leaves a non-sticky feeling on my face.

The smell of the mask is very sweet like honey, I love it and makes me want to eat it!

However, I have to say that there is not much excess liquid in the sachet of the mask, and in the mask itself after the 20 minutes on my face.
There is barely enough for me to cover my neck and decolletage area.

I also did not see any brightening effect yet.
However this is just with one use of the mask so I did not expect it to magically happen.

As you can see the mask shape it is long and oval sideways.
It did not fit my face very well, maybe its my small face, and there was a lot left hanging on the sides of my face.

Overall it is an affordable mask that is good for it's moisturizing properties, despite it's flaws.
This is perfect to bring along on holidays and overnight stays for a mini-pamper or to help with tired skin.

Repurchase? Yes, I also look forward to trying out the rest of the types of the mask in this range!

By Ai

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