Monday, 7 April 2014

My Chapter Hand Cream Collection

I am an obsessive hand cream hoarder.
Ask Diana, or Natalie. I have a drawer full of them in my room.

And today I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to my collection :)

The Chapter Hand Cream range.

I have them in:
Chapter 1 - Coconut & Monoi
Chapter 3 - Berry & Amaryllis
Chapter 4 - Lychee & Lotus
Chapter 5 - Peach & Orchid

These are made in Netherlands and they are probably one of the nicest smelling hand cream I own.

Chapter 1 - Coconut & Monoi smells a lot like coconut. This is Natalie's favorite out of the four.
I have no idea what Monoi is and had to google it.

This is probably the first time I have come across Monoi Oil. Now I have to go hunting for more products with this in it because it smells oh-so-good.

Chapter 3 - Berry & Amaryllis smells quite sweet.
Not really berry-like but still very pleasant.

I have never smelt amaryllis before but if I had to imagine a sweet smelling flower, this would be it.

Chapter 4 - Lychee & Lotus is Diana's favorite.

It also smells very sweet, very much like Chapter 3 - Berry & Amaryllis, but it has a different kind of sweet scent.

Chapter 5 - Peach & Orchid is the one for me. My favorite out of the bunch!

It is sweet smelling but not as sweet as Chapter 4 - Lychee & Lotus and Chapter 3 - Berry & Amaryllis.

On each of the tubes there is a short story that is related to the flavour/smell of each hand cream. That is so very cute and unique of this range.

Each hand cream comes in a squeeze tube with an easy open top.

The texture of the cream is quite thick.
This would be the amount I use for both hands.

The cream is easily spreadable...

... and absorbs quickly onto my hand.

The cream lasts for a long time and after an hour my hands are still well hydrated.
It also lasts on my hand after one hand wash.

One thing to note is the hand cream does sting on contact with broken skin, as I have found out the hard way with some broken eczema skin I had on my other hand. Ouch.

Overall, this range is of good quality and smells amazing. There is one scent for each individual.

Repurchase? Yup a definite must once I run out!

By Ai

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