Thursday, 2 January 2014

L'occitane Repairing Hair Serum for Dry & Damaged Hair Review

Good morning beautiful people!

Whether it be in the summer or winter, dry brittle hair is an on-going problem for me. During the summer, the hot sun , beach & pools water causes environmental stress on my hair , while the dry winter weather can also further stress out my hair. My hair is dry, damaged, fine and unmanageable.
This is mostly caused by the environmental stress and also my daily routine of applying heat to my hair for styling, not to mention the endless bleaching and colouring of my hair.

I have been using L'occitane Repairing Hair Serum for months now.

I apply this on my damp hair (after shower and towel drying) and even on my dry hair when I wake up in the morning . It comes in a no-mess easy pump bottle. Two pumps is more than enough for long hair. A little goes a long way!

Easy to use pump dispenser bottle

Texture is a lightweight milky lotion consistency. Silicons and Parabens free.
Scent is faint and natural. A very pleasant sweet floral smell that is not over powering.

Dispensed one pump of product from bottle

My hair after i wake up in the morning- dry & unmanageable

It takes away the dryness in my hair without weighing it down. This product does not leave my hair looking greasy or oily like other leave-in hair serums can. It nourishes my hair and smooths out any frizzes and my hair becomes much, much more manageable. Hair looks a lot smoother, healthier and shinier.

After applying only one pump of product- hair looks smoother, shinier & more manageable

Repurchase? Yes, too much love for this product as it is very effective .A bit pricey but definitely worth it!

By Nat xoxo

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