Saturday, 4 January 2014

Elie Saab Perfume Range - I super heart but why so many to choose from?! *rant*

I am really, really, really, I mean really, picky when it comes to perfumes.

There are only about a handful of perfumes I like, and will wear to bed so I can fall asleep drowning in the nice smelling scent of my choice.

So when I discovered the Elie Saab perfume I was like OMG MUST BUY!!!

In terms of price it is quite an affordable perfume but why are there so many versions of it in this range?

Beautiful Elie Saab model picture I must post because so pretty wahhhhhh *.*  (from Google images)

The problem is I love them all! But I can't buy them all T.T

Elie Saab Eau De Parfum (from Google images)

The original eau de parfum from the Elie Saab range... so nice smelling... which I really liked and then there comes a fresher version of it I also like:

Elie Saab Eau De Toilette (from Google images)

The eau de toilette which I also REALLY like....

So I decided to buy the toilette version due to it's freshness and when I walked into Smith and Caugheys (department store in New Zealand) I found Elie Saab decided to put out another version of it...

Elie Saab Eau De Parfum Intense (from Google images)
Le INTENSE version!!!
There is also the toilette version of this I think... but too lazy to add from Google images...

Le problem here is it has a heavier muskier smell which I also REALLY like...

So at this point I was like X.X OMG which one to buy???

To add to my confusion... I just found out Elie Saab decided to do this too:

Elie Saab Eau De Toilette L'eau Couture (from Google images)

Put out another new perfume in 2014.... *cleans drool off my keyboard*

So how now? What should I do and which one should I buy? Should I wait for the new one to come out and then decide? Or should I buy the toilette (not the intense version)? Or... should I buy them ALL?


by Ai

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