Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Haruhada Sake Skin Lotion & Milky Lotion Review

So I have this obsession with clear, bright, snow white skin since like forever.

Anyway, this obsession has led me to discover these 2 products which I have been using over summer for the past month. Haruhada Sake Skin Lotion and Haruhada Sake Milky Lotion:

Haruhada Sake Skin Lotion (left) Haruhada Sake Milky Lotion (right)

These are made in Japan. It is quite popular to add sake (yes you guess it - rice wine) into skin beauty products for they have brightening properties.

Sake also mattifies the skin, so it is definitely a double win product for me when I found this - for my oily skin and my brightening obsession!

In Japan, lotion is equivalent to the western toner and milky lotion to emulsion.

Haruhada Sake Skin Lotion
Haruhada Sake Milky Lotion

The texture of the lotion is watery. The milky lotion is quite thin and spreads easily. 

Both products have a faint sweet floral smell. The milky lotion smells stronger than the lotion but it is still quite faint.

Both products have a cap top for opening and closing, and as you can see easily pourable so there is less product wastage.

After cleansing, I apply the lotion all over my face and neck with a cotton wool. Sometimes I use this lotion as a 3 minute asian lotion mask.
After it is completely absorbed, I follow it up with the milky lotion.
One layer of each is enough for me during summer and it keeps my skin soft throughout the day.

I have yet to try this during dryer winter seasons but I suspect it might not be enough for hydrating my skin.

Repurchase? Yes definitely for the summer.

by Ai

*This was purchased from sasa.com for review purposes (not affiliated with this seller).

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